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Stop the High Density Housing Developments in Santa Clara!

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I created this petition on behalf of those in Santa Clara who are sick of our City Council ignoring our calls on halting the high density housing developments in Santa Clara. Every time I see a unanimous decision, I ask myself, is anyone in the council representing what the people want, us taxpayers who work hard to earn our money and are paying their salary to speak and represent on behalf of the people? The answer is NO. 

Like most citizens and voters, I never paid attention to what was going on with the dealings at council meetings, I thought the people who I elected would represent what we all want for our city. But in the past two years, I noticed tons of high density housing developments popping up on El Camino Real. Not only on El Camino Real, but in other parts of the city. Why may I ask, why would El Camino Real, a main road being used to build housing? It should be redeveloped into retail and entertainment centers to help liven up the city. 

Here is the list of known developments in the City (not including the other developments that are currently in dealings and have not been submitted to the city yet)

  1. Alexis Apartments on El Camino Real
  2. Camino Del Rey Apartments on El Camino Real
  3. Camino Main Street on Main Street
  4. City Place (recently approved, the biggest development in history of Silicon Valley)
  5. Cobalt Apartments
  6. El Presidio Santa Clara Apartment on El Camino Real
  7. And the list goes on...

Please check this link below for the full list of developments in Santa Clara!

There are more developments coming that haven't applied to the city for approval but are currently in the process. 

These developments increase traffic throughout the city as you can see in the past couple of years how your errands take longer than usual. Not only do they bring traffic, but crime rate always increases. Eventually it will spiral down, increase in crime, increase in police, increase in taxes to pay for more police, and then lower home prices. I have seen it already, more beggars and homeless people have started to roam around the city more. Recently, a homeless guy was hit on El Camino and had to be taken to the hospital and traffic had to come to a standstill. 

A specific development that I am concerned about is the Moonlight Lanes Bowling alley. The bowling alley is the only bowling alley in Santa Clara. It is also used by Santa Clara High School, and the school uses the bowling alley to give students an option to opp out of the traditional P.E. period for a class on bowling at the bowling alley. Developers are currently in the process of getting approval from the city to demolish the place and build 158 units on a small two acre lot. If this is approved, the city will lose a bowling alley, and a place where friends and family can come together and have fun for a night. 

Here's a little story, I was at a developers event a couple months ago, I was asking about their current projects around the city when a gentlemen told me, because I was questioning alot, "we are in talks and all contracts are in place and the process will move forward." He was basically telling me, there's nothing you can do, and there is nothing that will stop these developments so stop wasting your time. Well...I beg to differ Mr. 

I understand that we have to have developments and new housing to grow the city and increase tax revenue, but the council also needs to think about the people in Santa Clara. The Santa Clarans that have been loyal to their city throughout the years. The ones who pay taxes to help the city prosper. They need to think about how these developments will affect the life of us Santa Clarans. They need to think about the PEOPLE who voted for them and put them into office NOT THE DEVELOPERS AND PEOPLE WITH POWER AND MONEY. 

I have seen and have talked to so many Santa Clarans that are against the high density housing but they have gone tired because they know that their VOICE, OPINIONS, AND CONCERNS, WILL NEVER BE HEARD. My neighbors who petitioned against the Kaiser housing development, said they are tired and there is nothing else to do, either turn a blind eye or move, that's all. 

But I am not done, I have too much pride and love for my city to see it go down the wrong path and not speak up. We must take control of our city again!

The city needs better negotiators. Other cities throughout the bay have had better negotiators and negotiated that if they want to build, they must pay a higher school tax. Stop unanimously approving every single development that goes through, think about us Santa Clarans and decide carefully!

There are so many other problems with this council that I can't fit in this petition only...I will leave it for another petition but I will say, the 49ers demand for lower rent for Levi Stadium, increase in utilities, traffic, and the VTA brt. 

Here is my message to all Santa Clarans, be aware, be alert, and understand what is going on around you. If we keep ignoring, we will never be heard because they will never hear us. I advise all to attend council meetings whether what side you are on, attend, learn, and be knowledgeable about the things happening in your city. I know that sometimes we think, it can never make a difference, but if we come together as a force, we will make great change in this small city. There are recordings on the city website of meetings. These things are happening because no one attends the meetings to voice their opinions, this is why the city can get away with things like this. Sign up for email alerts for agendas of meetings and read if there is any thing important. Let's hope this petition will be our first step forward in making a difference!


Sign this petition to send a message to the Santa Clara City Council, that we are against the High Density Housing developments in Santa Clara and that the Council must listen to the PEOPLE! 


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