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5G is not a simple upgrade in cell service. This is a major increase and change in the amount and type of radiation to which all of us will be exposed 24/7. Over 240 scientists and medical experts from 42 countries have called for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G due to health concerns.

Thousands of peer-reviewed studies show adverse health impacts including cancer, neurological harm, abnormal brain development. DNA damage and reproductive health problems. It is especially harmful for children. 

The large telecom companies are rushing to install new “small cell antennas” – the foundation for 5G. There is no scientific evidence to support any claim of safety for 5G. 


·      5G Free Santa Barbara’s goal is to secure a moratorium on further small cell and macro tower installation. 

·      Open a dialogue with city and county leadership to find ways that do not compromise the health, environment, property values, and privacy of the residents and ensures a thriving future for our children. 

·      Maintain Santa Barbara's reputation of thought leadership by taking proactive, innovative action

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