Shouldn’t other OC cities help out with Orange County's homeless?

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Santa Ana has done more than any other city in Orange County to address the homeless issue. The homeless population continues to explode here and is continually affecting the quality of life for Santa Ana residents and business owners. There needs to be a county-wide solution where all 34 Orange County cities equally participate in solving the homeless issue in Orange County and we applaud U.S. District Judge David Carter for demanding action to begin this process.

The time has come for the city of Santa Ana to protect us by taking action and demanding that the County of Orange and Board of Supervisors immediately address the homeless issue in our city. It has been observed that other Orange County cities are using Santa Ana as a dumping ground to bring their homeless people and this is not acceptable!

 By signing this petition, you are giving your support to the Santa Ana City Council to exercise all legal actions available in forcing the County of Orange/Board of Supervisors to provide proper housing throughout all of Orange County in the effort to equitably solve the homeless issue.