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Petitioning Santa Ana City Council to Legalize Urban Beekeeping in Santa Ana!!

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Over the last three years, more than one in three honeybee colonies collapsed nationwide, a phenomenon now called Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. According to the USDA, about one-third of our food is thanks to the work of bees, making CCD one of the broadest environmental and food security challenges of our time. And while there is no one smoking gun causing CCD, scientists now widely agree that it is a result of a combination of factors, made manifest by industrial beekeeping, a practice which involves trucking thousands of hives great distances to pollinate crops, exposing bees to countless pesticides, interfering with the species natural defenses by treating them with miticides and antibiotics, and feeding them high fructose corn syrup. This deadly cocktail has made bees incredibly vulnerable and on the brink of collapse. That is, only if we fail to act, if we fail to recognize this disaster in the making and do not take strong action to counter the slow march to extinction.

Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Spokane, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and most recently Santa Monica and Redondo Beach have all taken decisive action and legalized urban beekeeping.

Santa Ana currently outlaws beekeeping in residential areas. With worldwide bee populations threatened with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and urban beekeeping more popular than ever, this policy needs to change. We believe it to be a necessary and just measure requiring immediate action.

In Los Angeles the LA County agricultural commissioner reported that there are an average of 9-11 colonies per square mile. This is the amount of bees that can be supported by the natural urban environment. By managing hives you are decreasing the number of feral hives that the area can support. In addition, by supporting urban beekeepers you are cultivating a community able to assist with the feral bee population!

Help us inspire the City Planning Department to initiate an ordinance that would allow Santa Ana residents to raise their own honeybees, a practice that helps boost struggling honeybee populations and ensures local food security.

Please sign our petition to let the Santa Ana City Council know that this is an important issue that they should move on as soon as possible


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