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Make the world stop hating nonsense Star Wars

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We are tired of receiving hatred towards Star Wars these last months, first by the controversy of the boxes in Star Wars Battlefront II, a hatred that EA did not deserve taking into account games like CSGO, which use videogames as casinos.

But still disgruntled, the maligned community of Star Wars has decided to charge against Episode 8: the last Jedi, infuriated because their senpai and master Luke has been (according to them) "mistreated and humiliated", because they are not able to accept that the saga advances and Star Wars does not mean Luke Skywalker, although we all love him, Star Wars is much more than that, and we should not criticize in such a way a job as well done as Episode 8, help us to stop the world from giving so much disgust , Thank you.

Electronics Arts, The Walt Disney Company, there are people who support and appreciate your effort.

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