Request City Officials to Provide Resources for a Cleaner NYC!

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The newly-released NYC FY21 budget cut $106 million from the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY). This means: 

-fewer trucks are available for pickups on weekends and holidays.
-litter bins on street corners are emptied less frequently, especially on weekends.
-curbside compost pickup, the largest program of its kind in the country, is halted entirely for the entire budget year.
-street cleaning services are reduced to once a week per each side.

Though the FY2021 budget is finalized, the battle is still not over. While this budget cut is aimed at preserving funds for the city, it instead is creating new costs that will result from direct threats to the city's environment, community wellbeing, and safety. It's been proven that highly polluted areas, usually in working-class communities, are linked to higher crime rates. Pollution also increases the prevalence of rats, which in turn are linked to respiratory diseases like asthma. Furthermore, this shortsighted move will bring New York City back further from its sustainability goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Amid the doom and gloom, there is a silver lining. Between COVID-19 and the citywide BLM protests on systemic injustices, the last few months have demonstrated the resilience etched into our 'New York tough' fabric. We can surely get through anything together. And while many small businesses, community activists, and residents have taken on the responsibility of cleaning up the streets, the drastically reduced city services indicate that this work is simply not enough. In transitioning to a post-COVID-19 society, we must focus on a cleaner city to enhance public safety, health, and a better environment for all.

By signing this petition, you are requesting that the city of NY and your local council members provide alternative resources to offset the reduced street cleaning, curbside compost pickup, and the litter basket pickup services for its 8 million residents. Let's make a statement in numbers! We want to ensure that the DSNY's budget is a priority for the FY22! TAKE ACTION NOW!