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Stand behind the right of self-defense.

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Stand behind the right of self-defense.

Every person has the right to defend themselves when victimized. If you have it any other way, the criminals win.

Currently, in Sanford, a man is under siege. Why? He defended himself after being attacked. This man sustained injuries in the attack. An attack by a man that was over a foot taller than him, and in far better shape. There is a witness to the attack, John, who has been basically ignored by the media. Is John a racist liar or something?

Why is he under siege? Racism. Pure and simple. The racist members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and others, have basically gotten their own lynch mob together.

Recently, a 14 year old 'youth' in Lakeland, Florida raped and beat a hotel worker. Where is the outrage over that? There is none. If more people defended themselves, that would have never happened.

How about 19 year old Tyrone Woodfork, who shot a 90 year old veteran in the face, raped and beat his 85 year old wife to death in Oklahoma? Where is the outrage? Could it be because the victims were White?

In Iowa, Wisconsin, and many other places... 'youth' flash mobs find it funny to go around beating a certain group of people at fairs. Which group of people would that be? Easy answer. Where is the outrage?

No, instead.. a man LEGALLY defends himself, and suddenly a lynch mob forms... Zimmerman having had to move out of his home due to DEATH THREATS.

Do YOU want to be arrested, or a member of YOUR family arrested, for defending yourselves?

Al Sharpton wants that.

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