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Sanford Hospital-Sioux Falls SD: Pregnant? or Psychotic?

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Dear People of the World,

Since I was not heard as a patient at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, I would like everyone to hear me as a parent and a woman needing to know, in layman's terms, about my triplet babies who passed away, what happened to my body, why an ob-gyn said I had "serious mental health issues", why nurses were laughing in the o.r. during delivery, and why the ob-gyn and NICU doctors abandoned me and my last dying baby during this sad and traumatic experience. 

Shortly after I was admitted to Sanford Hospital for preterm labor I was unfairly labeled by a substitute ob-gyn as "psychotic", "inappropriate", and "irrational" when in fact I was 6 months pregnant and terrified of losing my three children. I was never tested for mental incapabilities and the clinical psychologist who saw me on 4 separate occassions consistently documented I had "normal" thought processing. This ob-gyn, however, who only saw me 3 times, twice during prenatal complications, and only spoke to me in medical terminology, begged to differ. In addition to stating I was "psychotic", his note insinuated that because of my "serious mental health issues" he would tell me to "find another physician." I wonder if this doctor's note was seen by the NICU doctor who then treated me with disdain. I believe the NICU doctor's behavior of rolling his eyes (witnessed by my husband) and walking out of my NICU to never return was beyond appalling. He abandoned me and my last living son, who died shortly after. Everyday I relive the week of April 28-May 3, 2012. And everyday I don't know what happened to my kids or the status of my uterus and if pregnancy is going to be an issue. Also I relive the nightmare of how the medical staff and doctor's actions put me under duress when I should have been resting and not fighting for my kids right to live.

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