Keep "Black Panther" lore in Marvel Cinematic Universe COMPLETELY HETEROSEXUAL & AFRIKAN!

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As of the creation of this petition, Marvel Studio's "Black Panther" is the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, from all indications, looks to be one of the MOST popular and profitable members of that franchise...and of ALL TIME motion picture history.

Many Black People attribute it's secular and financial success to the fact that it stands in STARK CONTRAST to the typical Hollywood roles and themes (Slavery, servitude, criminality, promiscuity, buffoonery, misogyny, misandry, downtrodden, fearful ultra- effeminate males, ultra-aggressive masculine females, in need of a white savior, killed first/often, etc)

Disney/Marvel Studios are enjoying a windfall due to the PLEASURE and RELIEF that Black People are experiencing from exposure to a largely Black, positive, exciting, well-financed and promoted, cinematic venture.  It is proof that when quality Black talent and Afrikan elements are on FULL display, cultural sustenance is soon to follow.

Unfortunately, those facts appear to be unfulfilling for the LBGTQPOZ community.

Out of the 18 films in the MCU (going back to 2008), Black Panther is the ONLY film that has been widely and negatively critiqued for it's "lack of LBGT representation". .  We do recognize that the have been other pleas for such representation...but they were bereft of the negative undertones.

The citation of a homosexual relationship between two members of the all-female Dora Milaje unit in the most recent iterations of the literary Black Panther lore produced by Marvel (written by feminists Ta-Nehisi Coates and Roxane Gay)  is at the center of the disdain for the film. News of the omission of a scene where a "flirtation" occurred between these two members (depicted in the film by Danai Gurira and Florence Kasumba) was received as a slight to LBGTQPOZ individuals.

There are those who are versed in the Black Panther lore far beyond September of 2016 where this deviation was introduced and expanded upon that find this problematic.

Although the specific character of Ayo is unique to Coates' and Gay's runs, Okoye is not. There was NO intimation of any homosexuality in her (or Nakia's) first appearance.  They all emerge from a literary and social continuity that, according to our knowledge of it in concert with actual Afrikan scholarship, COULD NOT have produced "lesbians" . As with any artistic work, the strive for authenticity should not be so brazenly cast aside.

We're also aware that the preservation and perpetuation of  some characters' racial and sexual representation has been addressed in the past (ala Stan Lee's commentary on Peter Parker/Spiderman/Miles Morales) out of homage to the  character's condition at its inception.

Black Panther (and the impeding sequels), for many Black People, is the first-family friendly, culturally solid cinematic venture of their lifetime.  To imbue it at the behest of a myopic, selfish population that, in 10 years, had not sought to besmirch any other MCU or DCEU venture where LBGTQPOZ characters already exists or could be seamlessly integrated (Thor, Wonder Woman)

In conclusion, we imagine that it would behove Marvel/Disney to consider the prospective result of bending to the will of an estimated 3% of the domestic population in lieu of families who are committed to their cultural and religious foundations.  We are uncompromising in this...and are poised to support this petition with the organizing of a boycott should any injection of LBGTQPOZ OR MISCEGENATION elements enter The Black Panther cinematic continuum. As we have demonstrated, other options have been explored and are available for further exploration (even Tessa Thompson). We do not oppose that...but we are sensitive to homosexuality being indelibly connected to blackness (as we believe Coates and Gay were complicit in attempting to achieve) amidst a white society.  We stand as a collection of families of Black Men coupled with Black Women producing Black Children who do not wish to entertain the continuing assault on our cultural standards and image.

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