Deny Rezoning 201403178, 0 Wyndham Drive

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This property encompasses one average sized lot (25 Wyndham Drive) with an existing house and one very small lot (0 Wyndham Drive). The new owner, a developer named Home South, plans to tear down the existing house and place two homes on the property hence the variance request.

The zoning regulation for our neighborhood is categorized as R3. Home South wants to encorporate a section of the currently developed lot into the undeveloped lot, and rezone the undeveloped lot R4. They also want a variance to allow a lot width of 60 feet (instead of the required 70 feet).

Below is the comparison of R3 vs. R4: 

R4 Specifications (source: Sandy Springs zoning website): 
Minimum front yard: 35' compared to R3 of 50' 
Minimum side yard: Seven (7) feet adjacent to interior lot line, Twenty (20) feet adjacent to street 
compared to R3 of 10' adjacent to interior lot line, Twenty (20) feet adjacent to street 
Minimum rear yard: 25' compared to R3 of 35' 
Minimum lot area: 9,000 square feet compared to R3 of 18,000 square feet 

We are of the opinion that we must fight this variance request. While we realize that there is a trend to replace homes in our area with newly built two-story homes, and in fact we have some beautiful examples in our own neighborhood, we must uphold the R3 zoning requirements. Compromising on this point alone will open Pandora's box for the building of homes too large for the lots on which they sit and will diminish the character of this wonderful neighborhood. The current, newly built homes in Wyndham Hills have adhered to the R3 Zoning Regulations and there is no logical reason why we should allow a deviation. 

The complete zoning petition (with hearing dates) can be found at:

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