Make Sandwich schools' Dress Code Gender-Neutral

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Sandwich Public Schools dress code is inherently sexist. The dress code outlines the following restrictions: No spaghetti straps, tank tops, or low cut tops that expose private body parts or undergarments; Jeans with tears above the knee are not acceptable for school; Shorts that expose excessive skin are not allowed; Shorts should follow the fingertip rule. 

These rules are designed to impose restrictions mostly on contemporary female attire. The message these rules send are that girls should not be a "distraction" to their school mates and/or the adults that work in their schools. The rules sexualize our children and say to them that even a bare shoulder can be seen as a distraction that boys can't be expected to endure. They imply that boys can't stop themselves from looking at girls' bodies, so it's the girls' fault when boys can't pay attention in math. It's the girls who are shamed and taken out of class to change their clothes.

No girl should have to feel ashamed of her body just because adults are projecting their own ideas of sexuality onto her, especially in an educational setting. It is time for Sandwich Public Schools to create a gender neutral dress code. Other school districts have done this successfully and have coupled their efforts with programs designed to teach students about sexual harassment and how to manage their own individual distractions, regardless of what others around them are doing or wearing. 

Gender-neutral dress codes simply requires all clothing — no matter the gender of the clothing wearer — is to be “suitable” by covering the chest, torso, and undergarments, not including straps or waistbands.

Tell Sandwich Public Schools - stop body shaming our girls and create a gender-neutral dress code!