Speeding deterrents on Norman Road, Smethwick

Speeding deterrents on Norman Road, Smethwick

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Started by Connor Evans

We want to get speeding deterrents for Norman Road, Smethwick in order to prevent dangerous driving from hindering and effecting innocent peoples lives, because there are cars speeding down this road all to often and it was only a matter of time before something serious happened. If successful we aim to work towards getting speeding deterrents for other roads in the local area but for that we need your support. Whether that is speed bumps, speed cameras or police-operated LIDAR speed guns or older radar speed guns.

In the early hours of the 4th of January 2022, at around 12:35 A.M. we were all alerted to a large and frightening bang from outside. When we first saw the scene that was on the road, we found car alarms going off, debris and a substantial crash in front of the house. There were three cars involved, two sensibly parked cars and a stolen car that caused the crash. Two of us rushed outside to get a better look whilst one of us called the Police. It soon became clear the perpetrators had fled and that this was a result of speeding and dangerous driving. One of the culprits returned to the scene to retrieve what we later found out to be drugs but was unsuccessful as he was met by many neighbours and family who, understandably so, were not pleased with him.

Police arrived and assessed the scene but it seems as though there isn’t much they are able to do unless forensic teams are able to work some magic so the criminals can be brought to justice! if in the event we had speed bumps or cameras on this half of Norman Road, then speeding could be reduced making this an unlikely incident. Many of our neighbours offered their help with dash-cam footage, home security footage and emotional well-being support because as you can imagine, this was highly distressing and frustrating for the owners of the cars.
The impact goes beyond damaged cars. Both the owners of the parked cars work for West Midlands Ambulance Service and need their cars to get to and from work. One being a Paramedic that saves lives every day and has been through-out the whole pandemic. It is such a shame that something like this happens to good people like them. Which is why we want change.

Change is possible and by signing you are saying, I don’t want this to happen to myself or others. Thank you!

303 have signed. Let’s get to 500!