Installing of cameras on Tipton Cemetery

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We have all heard about the vandalism over St Marks Church and Tipton Cemetery but now its time our voices were heard. Today we visited our daughters grave at Tipton Cemetery to be greeted with vandalism over majority of the baby section. This is our childrens final resting place and should be kept safe from disrespectful people. I have had to take broken things off my daughters grave whilst looking for missing ornaments. I tried to tidy up as much as possible so that other parents didn't have to go through the heartbreak of seeing the damage done. It is not only happening on the baby section but across the cemetery. Our loved ones shouldn't be disrespected.

I am asking for people to sign this petition to get cctv installed at Tipton Cemetery as well as changing the locks on the gate situated at the back of the cemetery and ensuring that this gate along with all the others is locked at the end of the day 7pm April to September and 4.30pm October to March and not reopened until 8.30/9am when the cemetery is open.

This is our families final resting place and isn't for youths to hang out over or for people to vandalise.

Please help me get this petition seen by Sandwell Council and the changes made for all our peace of mind.