Say No To Using Palm Oil in Food and Cosmetics

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Say no to palm oil being used in food and cosmetics industry one hundred and forty six football pitches of rainforest are lost every hour since 1999 the Bornean Orangutan population has more than halved because palm oil plants  are grown in the red apes habitat. Scientist's have proved orangutan's share ninety-five per cent  of our DNA than any other mammal in the animal kingdom. By 2020 these animals will be extinct if we do not act now. The only way we shall see orangutan's in future will be in zoo's if we don't act now to protect their habitats which is important to their survival. One supermarket has vowed not to use palm oil in it's food products by the end of 2018, if other supermarkets and other food manufactuers can follow by this example surely the demand for palm oil being used in the food and cosmetic industries can be stopped in it's tracks to safeguard this animal's habitat not just for humanity but for our future generations.