ALL 5th Grade Teachers Need to Stay: NO Maximum Capacity Classes at Baldwin

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Community members and parents are shocked and concerned to hear the impending decision to move a Baldwin 5th grade teacher to another campus. Max capacity classrooms of 29-30 students per teacher would be ineffective, unfair, and unacceptable. It is impossible for a teacher to meet the needs of 30 students, especially when considering those with special education services, gifted students, and other special needs of each child. Multiple studies have shown that beyond 24-25 students per teacher, effectiveness decreases while behavior issues increase (one example: David and Goliath, Gladwell). Beyond this, implementing such a move after the school year has begun puts an additional burden and stress on both teachers and students. It will be the third year in a row that a Baldwin teacher has been added or removed at the beginning of the school year. This level of disruption is incredibly detrimental to all affected, and is unfair to say the least. Students' 5th grade year will be drastically compromised as they have to effectively start over after nearly 4 weeks of school. Overcrowding and underfunding are issues that adversely affect many schools in our district and state. It is an issue that deserves our continued attention. The practice of leveling only seems to shift overcrowding from one school to another. We as a community want to keep our focus on what is best for these students. Please reconsider this drastic decision that we feel is wrong and unfair to the students and staff at Baldwin Elementary.

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