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The other side ... the DARK SIDE they don’t discuss or disclose.

The ASPCA has a systematic plan with the NYC ACC .
It’s called “ FAST TRACK “ = Spay/ Neuter/ Kill

Animals from the “Animal Care Centers of New York (NYC ACC) are shuffled to the ASPCA to be Spayed / Neutered ... of course with subsidized monies. After the operation, instead of staying at the state of the art 12,000 SF facility ASPCA ... they are then brought back to the DISEASE RIDDLED Animal Shelter (NYC ACC) with their compromised immune system. They get Kennel Cough and/ or an upper respiratory infection (equivalent to a child having a common cold and is VERY TREATABLE!) ... and are immediately placed on the “AT RISK LIST” = KILL LIST ... sometimes the following day. Six (6) DOGS WERE KILLED THE FOLLOWING DAY of their spay/neuter surgery. No one with a grain of compassion and humanity would operate on an animal ONLY TO KILL IT THE FOLLOWING DAY!?!?! It's inhumane. But NYC ACC nor ASPCA will openly disclose that to you. They don’t have to account to anyone ... especially the public and their donors ... and completely lack the full disclosure and transparency ... which is the MAIN INGREDIENT TO NO KILL SHELTERS.

SENATOR TONY AVELLA calls it ABUSIVE. I have to agree. When Senator Avella inquired in writing about one animal ... Matt Bershadker (Pres ASPCA) and Risa Weinstock (Pres/ CEO of NYC ACC) wrote back and LIED IN WRITING. They said “The unfortunate case was an anomaly and not the norm”. In fact, the leadership of the ASPCA and NYCACC have admitted as much in the letter to the Senator by saying, "It does not make moral, financial, or logistical sense to spay / neuter an animal and then have them euthanized " ... yet they continue this practice. We then showed Senator Avella a list of 60 animals, at that time, NYC ACC/ ASPCA had done this to ... and the list has now grown to over 80 animals. It’s not quite an anomaly ... at all, is it? If you’d like to view this correspondence between Senator Avella and this “leadership” ... and the spreadsheet of the animals they've done this to  ... please ask for it. We have everything.

Why would any ETHICAL Organization spend the time & money to do a surgery on a poor defenseless animal? ... no less knowing the animals will get ill once brought back to the NYC ACC shelter that's riddled with disease .... only to have them killed a (few) day(s) later. Simply stated ... it's unethical ... and again, it’s inhumane ... yet this is their choice of action. This entire protocol at ASPCA/ NYC ACC is irresponsible, unprofessional, completely lacking integrity to these helpless sentient beings who they are supposed to be caring for ... but sadly, only the advocates know what goes on behind these closed doors. The advocates live and breathe this living nightmare 24/7. The employees/ volunteers can’t tell you anything about any of this ... as they’ve signed a 45 Page AG-GAG confidentiality contract agreement. The Rescues have signed a separate AG-GAG contract agreement. They are all afraid to open their mouths ... for fear that they will be terminated (employees and volunteers) and/ or lose their (the rescue organizations) “pulling rights”. The hidden and secret agendas are absolutely overwhelming ... and they've been getting away with it for years.  

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Please “SHARE THE LOVE” with an Animal Welfare Organization that actually puts Homeless Pets Lives First  ... and learn and become aware of who those organizations are ... and the TRUE REALITIES of the "NIGHTMARE COME LIVE" that goes on behind these closed doors at the ASPCA and Animal Care Centers of NYC ... and what the NYC TAX PAYERS are actually paying for when it comes to our Municipal Animal Shelters (NYC ACC).

If it can be better ... as HAS BEEN PROVEN by shelters one by one across our country/ world ... THEN THERE’S NO OTHER ETHICAL/ MORAL/ CORRECT CHOICE. 


It's time for THE NEW REGIME ...  of wisdom, moral and ethical integrity and responsibility, humanity, compassion, and justice for every animal unfortunate enough to have to enter these disease riddled, bug infested (we have those current videos as well) doors. 



IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF RE: ASPCA ...      THE REALITY ....... they don't want you to know



ASPCA 'rescues' severely abused Dog, OREO; exploits her as a fundraising mascot, then kills her despite pleas by rescues willing to save her life:

ASPCA repeats OREO atrocity; kills MAX in spite of offer by a qualified rescue to rehabilitate him, and if necessary, to provide lifetime care at their sanctuary at no expense to the fundraising organization:

ASPCA 'rescues' Dogs; exploits them for publicity, then quietly kills them:

ASPCA complicit in the exploitation, neglect, abuse and killing of ALONSO, whose unnecessary and painfully botched neuter surgery at the ASPCA led to a scrotal hematoma and internal bleeding, with ALONSO left to languish in the NYC pound for 11 days without treatment until finally being deliberately killed. NYC ACC attempts to cover-up obvious ASPCA negligence by falsely diagnosing the cause of ALONSO’s blood loss as the result of a cancerous tumor they had no possible way of diagnosing at ACC facilities...

ASPCA abandons a healthy 3-week-old kitten to the NYC pound where he is quickly killed:

ASPCA refuses to treat “three kittens who [were] underweight, covered with fleas, and dehydrated” at their own shelter, and instead dumps them at the New York City pound where they are quickly kill-listed. The fate of these kittens is unknown.

ASPCA refuses to take back JEROME, a puppy who was originally adopted from them, allowing him to be killed by the city pound instead:

ASPCA veterinarian punches & kicks to death a beloved senior Rottie named BULLET; ASPCA officials cover-up the crime for 3 years:

ASPCA 'rescues' 100 Rabbits from hoarder, poses with them for fundraising poster, then fights in court to kill them all:

ASPCA has to be ordered by a judge not to kill the 100 'rescued' Rabbits:

ASPCA claims on Facebook to be "saving" Dogs, and that they are "NO KILL" ... but fails to disclose that all Dogs they don't want to keep are transported to high-kill pounds: ►

ASPCA introduces & lobbies for passage of the ‘Quick Kill Bill,’ a fake “shelter reform” bill that would have eliminated holding times, so Dogs & Cats could be killed immediately upon admission to the pound if deemed to be in "psychological pain":

ASPCA neglect & incompetence leads to Dogs starving to death in New York City:

WPIX-11 TV News investigative report exposes ASPCA negligence:
► See Video [link may be down]:

ASPCA successfully lobbies to nullify the NYC law requiring that new animal shelters be built to serve all 5 boroughs of New York City. The shelters were never built:

ASPCA ‘rescues’ BENNY, but when the Cat tests positive for FelV, they quickly abandon him to the city pound where he is kill-listed... BENNY was eventually saved by a real rescue:

ASPCA abandons GLORIA... Instead of treating the Cat who was dropped off at their mobile clinic with a shattered leg and neglecting to admit her to their full-service animal hospital, the ASPCA dumps GLORIA at the NYC pound; which also fails to treat the badly injured leg, leaving GLORIA in agony for 20 days before being kill-listed. GLORIA was eventually saved by Pets Alive rescue, which exposed the ASPCA for its cruelty & blatant neglect...

ASPCA's former CEO of ten years, Edwin Sayres, becomes president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC), the pet store & puppy mill lobby!

ASPCA lobbies for vets even when they hurt pets (Too bad Cats can't write checks!):

ASPCA fights but fails to prevent Austin, TX, the finest NO KILL shelter in our country,  from becoming a No Kill city [please see 2 articles]:

ASPCA complicit in the spay-neutering and quick killing of over 80 Cats and Dogs by the NYC pound. The unnecessary taxpayer-funded surgeries are being conducted pursuant to contract with the NYC pound BEFORE animals have commitments for adoption or foster. The ASPCA-sponsored ‘Fast-Tracking’ program, which began in January-2017, has so far resulted in 6 animals being killed the day after their surgeries, 6 victims being killed 2 days after surgery, 6 victims killed within 3 days, 2 victims killed within 4 days, 11 victims killed 5 days after spay-neuter, and 8 animals killed 6 days after enduring their painful major surgeries [please see 2 articles]:

ASPCA cruelty investigator, Bob Baker, told The New York Times — “show one picture of a mistreated dog and the funds would pour in… But it got to the point where animal welfare was not the priority, fund-raising was. It felt as though the animals were being used for fund-raising, rather than using funds raised to help the animals.”




It is so far from the Sugar N' Spice Horse and Pony show (the one thing they do SO VERY WELL) that they portray it to be. 

o  Since January 2017:  SPAY/NEUTER/KILL ....  Spay/ neutered at ASPCA ... Only to be returned to the diseased shelter & kill listed the next day ... or few days later.

o   Disease Control ... shelter is RIDDLED WITH DISEASE due to improper ventilation system and crawling with bugs and cockroaches 

o  Daily AT RISK LIST = Daily KILL LIST – 18 hours ... less than a day. Panic ensues ... barely time to put plans into place. (We have SO MANY of these stories) "killed while application in process". 

o   NO Direct Phone Contact for DAILY KILL LIST ... Complete and utter HANDS OFF PROTOCOL in coordinating interested adopters with the rescue organization who can pull the animal to safety.

o   Does not use HUMANE EUTHANASIA ... so these poor souls die in pain. Admitting this in at a BoardMeeting this summer 2018

o   Incompetent staff = UNQUALIFIED / UNPROFESSIONAL 

o   Improper Behavior evaluations

o   Improper medical evaluations/ diagnosis ... (we have veterinarians who will attest to this)

o  Lack of Transparency (DOH has a 45 page contract that SILENCES EVERY EMPLOYEE .... for life)

o  Lack of Outreach/ marketing

o  Surrendering Animals – they don’t verbally inform person of protocol/ likely possibility of animal being euthanized. They, in fact, lead them to believe the animal will be adopted. (We have the stories)

o  Kills animals used in their marketing campaigns. (Just like ASPCA had done)

o   Kills animal after in being in NYC ACC foster care program for weeks/months of good people's time and effort to foster ... then returned to shelter and killed

o   Silent Kills (never lists or puts them up for adoption them a chance)

o   Kills dogs they used as “GREETER DOGS” to test dogs coming into the shelter

o   Kills puppies, kittens, seniors

o   Killed despite rescue efforts

o   Killed despite approved adopter or rescue on their way to pick up the animal they reserved/ paid for (some people drive for hours to get them)                       

o   Dies shortly after leaving facility of virulent disease

o   Required life saving measures once pulled

o   Dies inside the facility or during transport

o   Languish and suffer in pain for days without proper treatment ... constantly

o   Botched surgeries 

Thank you,
From NYC Animal Rights Advocates