Bring Back Alan!

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Recently, news of Alan no longer being at TC San Dimas has spread like a wild fire and us members/ challengers want to stand up for our favorite trainer. We know he would do the same for us. Alan has always believed in us and motivated us with his passion and genuine knowledge about fitness and life. He is the reason a lot of us continued our journey with the camp. We love all the other trainers (this is not to discredit them) but we feel that Alan deserves better and we deserve to be heard. WE WANT ALAN BACK at the camp! He always taught us to get over that mentality, not to care what trainer was there, not to make excuses and just to show up and do the damn thing but we love Alan and benefit from him. The trainers learn from him and I do not know 1 single camper that was not happy with him (if there is anyone unhappy I can guarantee that's on like a 100 to 1 ratio) He is hands down the GOAT! please sign this petition in hopes that it can have an impact on whoever made the decision to remove our beloved Alan and get a brotha back with his San Simas AFF.. because that's what we are at the end of the day right? FAMILY!!!!!  #gettingbettereveryday #twoclaps