Stop Proctor Park Entrance on Kingsley Ave-Brighton, On

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Lower Trent Conservation is trying to make the Kingsley Ave. entrance into Proctor Park the sole entrance. This would dramatically increase vehicular traffic on the street. There are no sidewalks on this narrow, quiet residential street, which makes this unsafe for those of us that walk and reside in this area.

We have concerns about the proposed access point in this plan. This is a quiet residential area. The street is quite narrow at the top of the hill. There are no sidewalks beyond Dorman. There are 4 intersections with poor line of sight on this street above Sanford. There's a lot of pedestrian traffic including runners, walkers, dog walkers, cyclists. People not from here do not know the nature of the area and do not drive with due caution. Please don't let this happen.

Goto to see all of the proposals for pending changes at Proctor Park.

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