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A waterproof roof over Sandhurst skatepark

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Dear Sandhurst community 

Due to the appalling weather in England (especially in the winter months), the Sandhurst skate park is unrideable. This affects not only the the people that use the skate park but the community as a whole.

My first point is that the wet weather can cause injuries to inexperienced riders who don't understand the danger they are in, this affects all age groups from toddlers with parents to teenagers out with friends.

Secondly the skate park is a popular area for youths to hang out but in the winter months and wet weather a few of these youths choose to vandalize the surrounding areas. This includes graffiti, broken fences and benches and unruly behaviour around young children and others. This creates an unpleasant atmosphere which doesn't portray Sandhurst pride in its true form.

With all the points made it is clear the wet weather causes a lot of the unpleasant behaviour in our community and injuries to children and youths. Furthermore vandalism contributes to the maintenance costs of Sandhurst which can be saved for deserving items in the community and causes stress to the local health services and parents as injuries are more likely to occur in wet weather conditions.

Looking at all these points it seems a solution is necessary. I propose that Sandhurst skate park receives a waterproof cover to limit the risks illustrated above. In the future it would save maintenance costs for the community and the upkeep of the skate park due to the wood being protected and not rotting. Also if the skate park is being used by more people then local shops will benefit from the users purchasing goods.

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