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Freedom Sovereignty started this petition to United Nation And Global Community (35 Million Afghan Civilians Under Terror) and

The gross human rights violations resulting from the Pakistan Government's policies in Afghanistan will have global terror implications.
The community of Nations must stop double standards when dealing with Pakistan. Pakistan is enabling a rouge and unlawful group to perpetuate violence across International borders. Pakistan is responsible for facilitating the world's worst group (Taliban) to brew and create the worst atrocities for all segments of societies in Afghanistan and especially for women.

Pakistan is the recipient of Billions of Dollars of International Aid and humanitarian subsidies, and supports from the globe. Yet, it has one of the most inhuman policies in the region. Pakistan is one of the top exporters of terror and is training hardline Taliban who commit war crimes and this dysfunctional state acts against Geneva conventions. Pakistan works for destabilizing of Afghanistan region and the entire world and is financing proxy wars and sponsors International terror.

With International donations meant for helping the failed state of Pakistan, Pakistan harbors, trains, and provides intelligence support, financial support, security cover, communications support, air support, and logistical services, plus supplies to terror networks across internationally recognized borders into Afghanistan. Meanwhile it 250 Million people are dying from disease hunger lack of education and proper human services.

This is a shameless violation of the UN charter under several conventions and contravening of the None alliance treaty of 1951. The None Alliance treaty is in place and it has the following mission. The purpose of the none alliance organization is to ensure the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries" in their "struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony, yet Pakistan is a party to this treaty and without impunity and with premeditated efforts embarks on acts that contravene this treaty entirely.
Under the international initiative to fight against terrorism, Pakistan is thumbing her nose to international order, law, and mutual respect between nations.
Pakistan is also part of the commonwealth and is not living by the standards of commonwealth nations, and in fact, it is the only commonwealth nation that helped terrorism activities in another commonwealth country, namely India and UK.
Pakistan has also violated the International atomic agencies guidelines in safeguarding nuclear expertise and has exported and continues to export expertise on that front to state and non-state actors against nuclear non-proliferation treaties.
Pakistan is the center of radical world movements with several terror groups such as Aqani , Laskart Taiba, ISIS, and Taliban on the payroll who are calling Pakistan and Pakistani Madrasas as the launching pad of terror and extreme ideologies to Central Asia and beyond.
Pakistan also has a black market for weapons against all international norms and treaties and actively pursues transacting in weapons across international borders. Further, this failed state is the hub of 98 percent of illicit drugs destroying youths and their hopes internationally.
When will the international community hold this offspring of colonialism to account based on international laws, norms, and standards?
The International community has the moral, legal, ethical and humanitarian obligation to hold Pakistan accountable for all the funds it sends to Pakistan and obtain a full audit. The International community has the moral responsibility to stop all financial aid until Pakistan pursues behaviors required of a state on life support. This cancerous government needs to be stopped from perpetrating crimes against its citizens by misappropriating aid funds for numerous terrorism activities.
Today Pakistan is holding Afghanistan hostage by its proxy terrorists; tomorrow, this cancer will occupy each of your nation's capital.
A looming humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions is unfolding in front of your eyes. Being silent and showing inaction is not reflective of values that the international community adheres to. Any deviation from these values and norms constitutes irresponsibility, immorality double standard, and are not legal nor ethical.
For the world to be peaceful, we must all work together to hold each other accountable to the highest norms of humanity.
Therefore the 35 Million people of Afghanistan request the international community to levy strong enough financial sanctions and an arms embargo on the state of Pakistan to curb the sponsor and committing of terror and join the nations of the world in denouncing violence, human rights abuses, and lawlessness.


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