Sanction companies still operating in Russia before it is too late for Ukraine

Sanction companies still operating in Russia before it is too late for Ukraine

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Why this petition matters

Started by Andy Healey

At the time of writing these are just some of the companies that have been strong enough to choose light over dark, brave enough to put humanity 1st and shareholders 2nd.

I applauded you and thank you on behalf of all that care for the freedom and sovereign rights of the Ukrainian people. There are many others and I apologies for missing you out.

IKEA Marks and Spencer John Lewis & Partners Harley-Davidson Motor Company Mercedes-Benz AG The Walt Disney Company Apple H&M

Again at the time of writing and to the best of my knowledge below is a list of companies that most of us will know, spend money with, work for and who seemingly continue to support Russia. If a company continues trade in Russia the taxes they pay the profits generated in Russia will no doubt at some point be spent on killing civilians in Ukraine, damaging Ukrainian infrastructure, decimating Ukrainian cities and slaughtering the brave Ukrainian armed forces.

The Coca-Cola Company
Yum! Brands
Mondelēz International
Alshaya Group
Nestlé Danone
Metro Inc.
Procter & Gamble

World leaders will meet today and I call on you to sanction any company in your country that ignores the flow of Ukrainian blood, the deaths of woman and children at the hands of Putin and any wilfully ignorant Russians.

I call in consumers worldwide to stop spending your money with any company still doing business with Russian. You are indirectly funding a bloody and illegal war.

If you work for a company still doing business in Russia, I understand your decision will be difficult and in many cases there will be little you can do. However make you voice heard, speak up for an end to the disgusting bloodshed your company supports.

Some in these companies will also be able to make the right decisions and cease this trade in blood under their companies name.

This war is moving quickly and we all need to take immediate steps and actions within our control to support Ukrainian freedom and life.

31 have signed. Let’s get to 50!