Phase Out Styrofoam in Earlimart, California

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Earlimart, a rural, low-income, agricultural intensive community still uses Styrofoam takeout containers. This community is already exposed to pollution from the agricultural industry and adding another contaminant into their health is highly detrimental. Therefore, we envision Earlimart transforming into a greener neighborhood that will inspire the community’s future generations.

There are four local restaurants in Earlimart that still use Styrofoam and our theory of change is to utilize community participation to persuade the businesses to phase out Styrofoam and switch to an alternative product. A business will receive positive marketing and advertisement in exchange for switching to a healthier alternative. If a business decides to continue to use Styrofoam, then the next strategy is to encourage customers to demand for an alternative product by allowing them to sample a biodegradable container. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to prevent the Earlimart community from being exposed to the harms of Styrofoam. The success of this campaign can inspire the people of Earlimart and serve as a case study for other impoverished communities that envision a greener and healthier future!