Drop the Charges Against the Indigenous People's Day 5

Drop the Charges Against the Indigenous People's Day 5

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San Rafael District Attorney San Rafael DA Lori Frugoli

Why this petition matters


On Indigenous Peoples Day 2020, a monument to Junipero Serra, a notoriously violent mission system leader known for imprisoning and enslaving Indigenous people, was removed from a downtown street in front of Mission San Rafael.

While monuments to racism and violence are being removed across the state, the city of San Rafael is refusing to recognize the harms perpetrated against Indigenous people by Serra and instead has decided to file felony charges against five of the fifty demonstrators. All five facing charges are Indigenous women and Two Spirited people.

While the demonstration was focused on recognizing Indigenous land and history, extremists are now pushing for additional hate crime charges against the protestors and holding public exorcisms in the street. 

This is a critical moment to resist increasing repression and support decolonial activists in your community. 

Urge the District attorney Lori Frugoli to DROP THE CHARGES! Sign this petition and give her a call (415) 473-6450.

Other ways you can support the Indigenous People's Day 5:

Write a public letter or op-ed in support of recognizing the history of the land we are on and dropping the charges against the Indigenous Peoples 5.

Organize your group, crew, org, faith community  or collective to lead an action in support of the Indigenous People's 5 and urge the DA to drop the charges.

Encourage  Mission San Rafael to consider how they might begin to  reconcile with the violence of their founding.

Learn about the history of the land you are on, learn about the Indigenous people it was stolen from, find a way to recognize your place in this lineage and contribute to its healing.

Tell someone about this. #IndigenousPeoplesDay5 #IP5 #DropTheCharges #AllColonizersMustFall

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83,024 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!