Review the permits Salon de Fiestas Los Arcángeles

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This petition is to ask that Salon de Fiestas Los Arcángeles located on Avenida Real del Conde, be held accountable to the rules and regulations like every other citizen or business in San Miguel and to be a respectful neighbor and to review the permits they have and whether they are in violation. The event they had on July 7th was not a private party but a large outdoor concert. The music started at 8:30 am and went until 1 am. The sound from this event created noise pollution that traveled to all the surrounding areas. Many neighbors called the police at 911 and Ecología and were told they was nothing that could be done or that there was someone there checking if they were in violation of decibel leves. In addition, they created traffic congestion in Real del Conde which is one of the main roads to leave or enter Atascadero. If we don't address this now, the peace and tranquilty of many neighborhoods will suffer greatly.