Remove SMC Health Officer Morrow and HMB City Manager Nisbet for botched COVID 19 response

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We must protect the people of San Mateo County from officials putting  business interests over best health and safety practices. Chief health officer Dr. Morrow recently made comments weighing the BENEFITS of health and safety of the community against the HARM of a decreased volume of business transactions. Dr. Morrow has continued to be unavailable to the general public during the emergency but has given statements to the media apologizing to business owners for the caution mandated by San Mateo's eventual inclusion on the state's " Watch List ".

City Manager Nisbet has advocated herd immunity and undermined efforts to protect the population of Half Moon Bay. The people demand the immediate resignation and/ or termination of employment of Dr. Scott Morrow and Half Moon Bay City manager Bob Nisbet so as to protect the people of San Mateo County from further health risk mismanagement. The people of San Mateo County also demand an independent investigation of all data and entering / management of data relating to the COVID 19 pandemic