We would like to eliminate the Gang Task Force unit from San Mateo County.

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As people know, who are living in this area, there used to be a gang problem many years ago. As time has gone by, gentrification has taken a hold and the elimination of low-income housing has dramatically changed the landscape, however the police force has not changed with the times. In the late 1990's, early 2000's, many officers were indicted on federal charges in police misconduct and others were simply transferred departments. A handful of officers that were brought up in the case are currently working as GTF members. I do cop watch in the area and have plenty of videos on YouTube publicly viewable showing harassment in car stops for minor infractions just to run everyone's name who is in the vehicle. Handcuffing people for stop sign violations and sitting them on the curb, pulling people from their cars and running everyone's name in the vehicle without an articulation of a crime being committed. Many have asked me to start this petition and the community does not want this gang mentality within our police force. So we are asking to solve the problem of over-policing of our communities by eliminating this unnecessary Gang Task Force. 

This website will ask you to donate money to spread the word or support this movement, know that it will go 100% to Change.org and not to help what so ever. If you feel like donating, please donate to your local cop watcher or programs within your own community that are there to help. Thank you for you support. Always film the police and remain vigilant.

In addition, East Palo Alto's (who was 1992's murder capital of the world) crime has dropped significantly from 42 murders in 1992 to 1 in 2017 - a decrease of more than 97% according to the County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors.