Neighborhood demands NO obscene coffee!

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Please sign our petition to our Board of Supervisors and write letters to the owner of a trashy business that is coming to our neighborhood in Redwood City, CA. This "business" is called Pink Pantherz Expresso.  It's taking over a small drive thru coffee shop that went out of business. The new owner proposes to employ very scantly dressed young women in the drive thru who will serve coffee drinks with suggestive names such as Bootycall, Birthday Sex, and Panty Dropper.  Pink Pantherz objectifies and reinforces inappropriate stereotypes of women. 

The proposed business is on the corner of a busy street.  Young children in our neighborhood will need to go by this place twice a day on their way to and from school.

We have appeared before the Board of Supervisors, local papers and TV news.  We will be doing marches and letter writing campaigns, please join us if you can.  We are hoping the owner of the business will relent.  If you have a moment, please let our Board of Supervisors know how you feel or write to the owner of the business, Jose L. Carmona.  His address is 2012 Hulst Ct., Modesto, CA 96356.

In truth, this kind of place would never be allowed in a more economically advantaged community.  Our neighborhood is filled with hard-working and wonderful families and we do not want to be a dumping ground for obscene businesses. You can make your own conclusions as to the kind of place Pink Pantherz is @pinkpantherzespresso1.