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Warning: Disturbing Photo


San Marino High School and San Marino Unified School District: We petition you to establish white supremacist/ racist hate speech, overwhelming criticism from the community on permanent record as well as revoking college admissions for HG, MO, AF, and SJ. We also petition you to hire black, brown, indigenous, and ethnic instructors into your system, add non-white humanities courses in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, theology, and political science. Additionally, bring in public speakers of the black, brown, and indigenous LGBTQ+ community as well as non black ethnicities to foster your students' education. 

MO, AF, and SJ posted multiple texts and videos explicitly advocating for killing Jews, bringing back concentration camps, photographical compilation of Asian students for racist Vietnam memes, and using multiple slurs: ch*nk, n****r, c**n, k*ke (seen in many images). We cannot stay silent. These people are dismissing 11 million victims from the Holocaust Era and the 12.5 million Africans shipped to the New World. Rather than revoking their diploma, establishing their white supremacist hate speech on permanent record for the three students is crucial. 

This is a coalition formation that has great potential during this period. We as the people are agencies of change. If you do not tolerate racism, xenophobia, and the dismissal of the Black and Jewish genocide you must realize that these students, MO, AF, and SJ have not been ready to enter an accelerated institution or the working society. If they do, their commentary and thinking is harmful for social justice progression, perpetuating harm towards marginalized and oppressed groups. There is a film of O and S driving to an Asian students’ house (from the “Husks” list, a compilation of Asian SMHS students), verbally harassing them. They need further rehabilitation within their education in developing awareness and humility towards their neighbors, or simply put- human beings. If San Marino High School says there is nothing they can do, it further reminds us that their system is inherently complicit to violence.