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Make it a Park! ReZone to Save the Aquifer & Our Neighborhoods!

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We, the citizens and residents of San Marcos, TX, affected by the current zoning plans described in the referenced file Buie Tract Phase 1 Mixed Use Tract, do hereby protest for the cessation of any development under the current zoning code and request a re-evaluation of the current zoning plan to ensure adherence to the City’s current master plan as trustees of San Marcos (SMTX-CoO Division 1: Purpose; Section; Appendix 1), and to ensure compliance with regulations established by Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Agency in regards to an Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and endangered species including the Texas Blind Salamander and the Golden Cheeked Warbler (SMTX-CoO Section; Appendix 2).  This re-evaluation should also include assessments on drainage effects due to paving of the property to prevent potential flooding of Franklin Square, Capstone Cottages, Craddock Avenue and Wonder World Drive (SMTX-CoO Section; Section; Appendix 3); protection of numerous oak trees protected under guidelines established by ANSI standards (SMTX-CoO Section; Appendix 4), analysis of the existence of sensitive features including caves and karsts and possible archeological features by examination from a qualified and competent engineer (SMTX-CoO Section; Appendix 5); implementation of required screening barriers between mixed use property and residential areas (SMTX-CoO Section; Appendix 6); analysis of traffic impacts, public safety concerns and public facilities (SMTX-CoO Section; Appendix 7).

We believe that as citizens we need to protect our city. We request a full evaluation and a stay of any development at this time until consideration of a change in the Land Development Code can be made  which would zone the property to a public city park. We do not want to witness another disaster in development such as The Woods Apartments complex to ruin the beauty, integrity and environmental health and safety of our city and citizens. We hope you will consider this request for rezoning and/or a possible buyout of the property and would like this item placed before council in the agenda.

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