Stop Santa Clara County Housing Authority from Building between 253 Race St and Grand Ave

Stop Santa Clara County Housing Authority from Building between 253 Race St and Grand Ave

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Started by Trung Nguyen

Have you seen the Disney movie “UP?” The image above is a real-life picture of the house depicted in the movie. Unfortunately, this is happening to our home right here in Midtown San Jose.

On December 27th, 2021, the Santa Clara County Housing Authority (SCCHA) started site demolition to prepare for its construction of 206 multi-family apartments homes between 253 Race Street and Grand Avenue in Midtown San Jose. The SCCHA plans to build two 6-story buildings in the mid-section of the block spanning east and west. This plan is a problem because SCCHA is deliberately ignoring all residential housing on the same block that shares fencing with the site. Houses on the south side of the block are all single-story homes. Our house is one of those homes on the south side. If the project completes, our home will become the next victim of real estate bullying by large corporations like SCCHA.

This is an outrageous act by the SCCHA. It is more shocking that San Jose Buildings and Planning has permitted it despite our objections.

Leading up to this, we expressed our disapproval to both the SCCHA and City Planning, but our voices were never heard. At the Director’s hearing, which was one of the first hearings held virtually due to covid on August 19th, 2020, we were given only 2 minutes to speak. Then, we were quickly muted by the substitute Deputy Director sitting in for Rosalynn Hughey and the permit was approved immediately after. Through this entire process, we were completely ignored.

On the homepage of SCCHA, the is slogan "Making Homes, Growing Communities." Yet, their actions prove to be the opposite. What we witness is the SCCHA use its power and resources to do what it wants.  This makes the SCCHA a bully. With this build, the SCCHA will destroy my home and cut-off my sense of belonging in my own community.

As much as this matters and impacts our family, we believe inequality is relatable across platforms, cultures, and races. Six-stories buildings being next to a single-story family home is not a good look for San Jose. We need to build San Jose better.

Please sign and share our petition to help us bring awareness to what the SCCHA and City of San Jose is doing to the people of San Jose.

46 have signed. Let’s get to 50!