Removal of the Prison Style Fence at Stonegate Skatepark in San Jose.

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We are asking for the removal of the "Prison Style" fencing that was placed around Stonegate Skatepark in San Jose.

The fence is a dangerous obstacle now in the way of users that may loose control and or need an area to roll out.


It also creates a one way in and out system where Gangs and criminal groups can block the exit creating a dangerous scenario for potential crime victims.


It also further pushes the institutional mindset that Skateboarders and Bike Riders are less then their Team sport counterparts. By fencing in and segregating the park it enforces the "You are not welcome here mentality". It also further pushes the Institutional Discrimination mindset. Making youth feel like criminals when engaging in a healthy outdoor activity.


We are not criminals. Why have us caged in as such?


Remove the fence.