Promote Trust, Safety, and Justice between SJPD and our Community

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In order to promote trust, safety, and justice for our community - including its diverse members - we need to be able to trust our police department.  That trust can only be brought about with increased transparency and accountability, and it is with this objectives in mind that we call on the San Jose City Council to update and expand the power of the Office of the Independent Police Auditor.

In order to reclaim our status as a leader in the area of civilian oversight of our Police Department  and to increase the overall effectiveness of the office, the IPA must be given authority to automatically:

1)   Audit Internal Affairs investigations initiated by any member of the SJPD
2)   Audit investigations of all officer involved shootings
3)   Audit investigations of all uses of force by officers that have led to bodily injury

Further, we call of the City to provide the Office of the IPA access to all Police Department records so that office can aggregate data and conduct studies to identify trends and anomalies in the treatment of the various constituencies it serves.  These findings will be used to inform policy, and to continually improve the performance of our Department.

Finally, we call on the City Council to require the Police Department to respond, in writing and as a matter of public record, to the policy recommendations made by the Office of the Independent Police Auditor in a defined time frame.

The San Jose Police Department is here to serve We, the People, and there is no room for a veil of secrecy between it and the community it serves.  

By expanding the IPA’s purview, the people can have greater confidence in the level of transparency and accountability of our police force, leading to greater trust, safety and justice for both the community and police.

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