The Removal of Victor Mow from the Stockton Port Commission

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In late November of 2018, Stockton Port Commissioner Victor Mow was arrested for DUI and killed a pedestrian in the process. Because of his wealth and status, he was afforded special treatment by the justice system. It’s been one year and now the case is over with a Judge from Alameda County giving Mow only a few days in jail for his crime.

Victor Mow was appointed to the Stockton Port Commission a while ago in 2010 by the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors. None of the members who were on the Board when Mow was first appointed are still active in politics except for Carlos Villapudua (who is running for State Assembly) The position of a board member for the Stockton Port does not come with a salary, however it does come with perks such as free trips to locations all over the world.

Regardless of the sentence the Judge gave Mow the fact remains that he did kill someone while driving intoxicated. We cannot go back in time and save the pedestrian or even try and get the Judge to increase the sentence for Mow. However, one thing we can do is either force Mow to resign from the Port Commission or have him removed.

There is no reason the public should be OK with Mow having such a cushy perk as being a Stockton Port Commissioner and traveling to places like Hawaii.

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