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Provide a proper compost pit in San Isidro National High School

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     We all know that having a proper Compost Pit is very important in the school. Having an improper Compost Pit might cause different problems especially for the sake of the students inside the school. The Compost Pit of the San Isidro National High School need some improvements regarding the proper place of disposal. Eventhough the school have already a compost pit, it need some improvements to maintain the cleanliness of the school.

    The possible solution is to improve the compost pit of the school. Create a higher walls for the proper placement of the garbages and to prevent the bad smell of the trash to be smell by the students. The proper compost pit consist a separate room for the biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recyclable. Having a separate rooms for each trash can benefit the school because some garbage are still usable.Composting and its benefits can be built into lesson plans through composting-related activities or demonstrations. Signing on these petition will help the student and for the school to have a proper compost pit and to prevent the bad implications of having an improper waste disposal. And having a proper compost pit can make a good look for the school.

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