Call for the Resignation of San Francisco School Board Vice-President Alison Collins

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The Asian Pacific American Public Affairs Association - San Francisco Chapter (APAPA-SFC) is appalled by the dehumanizing remarks of San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Board Vice-President Alison Collins. Below is a joint statement made by Norman Yee, former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and President of the San Francisco School Board of Education, which has been signed on by many notable state and local officials.

亚太美国公共事务协会—三藩市分会”(APAPA-SFC)对三藩市联合校区(SFUSD)董事会副主席高励思(Alison Collins)非人性化的言论感到震惊。以下是前三藩市监督委员会主席余鼎昂(Norman Yee)和三藩市教育委员会主席所作的《联合声明》,许多著名的加州官员和地方官员也签署了该声明。

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Joint Statement from AAPI, Elected, and Community Leaders Regarding Alison Collins

“亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民”、民选官员和社区领袖关于高励思(Alison Collins)不当言论的联合声明

"We are outraged and sickened by the racist, anti-Asian statements tweeted by School Board Vice President Alison Collins that recently came to light. No matter the time, no matter the place, and no matter how long ago the tweets were written, there is no place for an elected leader in San Francisco who is creating and/or created hate statements and speeches. Regardless of how these tweets came to light and when they occurred, they must be reckoned with and acknowledge the trauma they have created among our AAPI community and our public school community.

我们对最近由三藩市教育委员会副主席高励思(Alison Collins)发表的种族主义的反亚裔言论感到厌恶和愤怒。无论其推文于何时、何地及多久之前发表,三藩市的一个民选官员是绝不应当发表过或者制造任何宣扬仇恨的声明和言论。不管这些推文是如何被曝光的,它固有的敌意对我们所有的“亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民”(AAPI)以及公立学校社区都产生了巨大创伤。这必须引起我们的高度重视!

Alison Collins’ words inflict deeper wounds on our AAPI community. These words, though written several years ago, are part of a public record and broader history of anti-Asian, anti-immigrant sentiments, violence, and laws in our City and our country. And now, in the City of San Francisco and in the year of 2021, we are faced with a public official that has given contemporary voice to this shameful history.

高励思(Alison Collins)的言论对我们的“亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民”(AAPI)社区造成了深深的伤害。她的这些言论尽管发表于几年前,但仍是公共记录的一部分,更是我们的城市和我们的国家反亚裔、反移民情绪以及暴力和法律这广义历史的一部分。而现在,在三藩市,在2021年,我们就在面对这样一位公共官员,她为这一可耻的历史又录制上了令人不安的当代声音。

The tweets perpetuate gross and harmful stereotypes, calling Asian American parents “Tiger Moms” and dismissing the experience of thousands of Asian American children in San Francisco, and millions across the country when she claimed that, “many Asian Am. believe they benefit from the “model minority” BS.”

高励思(Alison Collins)的推文称亚裔父母为“虎妈”, 这永久性地给亚裔刻画了令人反感和有害的刻板印象。当高励思(Alison Collins) 的推文声称“许多亚裔美国人相信他们受益于‘模范少数族裔’的狗屎(BS)概念”时, 她实际上正恶毒的贬损三藩市和全美国数以万计的亚裔孩子的成长经历。 

The tweets reveal the adoption of a false narrative that paint Asian Americans as complicit, ignorant and weak, saying that Asian Americans “actively promote these [model minority] myths. They use white supremacist thinking to assimilate and ‘get ahead,’” and, “Don’t Asian Americans know they’re on [Trump’s] list as well?” 

高励思(Alison Collins)的推文中包含了大量恶意的虚假陈述和恶毒言论, 她将亚裔美国人描绘成一个与坏人同谋、无知、怯懦的形象。她声场亚裔美国人正“积极地宣传这些(‘模范少数族裔’)流言”;她抨击亚裔美国人在使用白人至上主义者的思想获得同化以便“求得成功”;她还叫嚣“难道亚裔美国人不知道他们也在(特朗普)的名单上吗?” 

There is no nuance or potential misunderstanding in these racial slurs. The use of the term “house n****r” is shocking and damaging to everyone, regardless of race. These sentiments pit racial groups against each other when now more than ever, we must stand in solidarity with each other. Alison Collins’ tweets appear to decry anti-Blackness at the expense of anti-Asianness. As leaders of San Francisco, we reject this toxic paradigm. We need words to lead, words to inspire, and words to heal. 

这些有关种族的诽谤之言是显而易见的,并不存在因为理解的不同而发生误解的情况。就像每个人,不论是哪一种族,都会对使用“ 黑鬼“(house n **** r”)一词而震惊和受到伤害。高励思(Alison Collins)的言论造成了现在比以往任何时候都严重的族群之间的对立。我们此刻必须紧密团结。高励思的推文似乎以反亚裔为代价来抨击反黑人运动。作为三藩市的领袖,我们拒绝这种有毒害的范例。我们需要的是能引领人、能启发人、能弥合各族群之间裂痕的语言。 

The mindset represented in Alison Collins’ tweets have no place in City leadership and especially not in leading our public schools, where 33% are Asian American. School board policy cannot be made through the lens of anti-Asianness. Someone who denigrates broad swathes of our City’s people has no place leading our schools and representing our students.

高励思(Alison Collins)的推文所表达的思维和观念在三藩市的领导班子中没有市场,特别是在包含有33%亚裔美国人的公立学校中更没有市场。三藩市教育委员会的政策绝对不可以建立在反亚裔的基础上。任何诋毁我们三藩市大多数市民的人都无权领导我们的学校并代表我们的学生。

San Francisco stands with its AAPI community. We, the co-signers, are here to uplift, celebrate and protect all of our diverse communities and especially our Asian American brothers and sisters during this wave of anti-Asian hate crimes. 


Therefore, we thank Commissioner Collins for her service and respectfully ask her to resign from her post so that we can all get back on track to reopen our schools safely as soon as possible."

因此,我们在感谢高励思(Alison Collins)所做服务的同时,请她辞职,以便我们所有人都能重返正轨,尽快安全地重新开放我们的学校。”


APAPA-SFC Statement of Condemnation


“Silence is complicity — and we cannot be complicit. We have to speak out. We have to act.” -President Joe Biden

“沉默是同谋—我们不做同谋。我们必须大声呼吁。我们必须采取行动。” —乔·拜登(Joe Biden)总统

APAPA-SFC strongly condemns the remarks made by San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Board Vice-President Alison Collins on December 4, 2016 on her Twitter account. The undersigned calls on members of the San Francisco School Board to take appropriate actions and investigation to stop further harm to the Asian-American community. 

“亚太美国公共事务协会—三藩市分会”(APAPA-SFC)强烈谴责三藩市联合校区(SFUSD)董事会副主席高励思(Alison Collins)于2016年12月4日在其推特(Twitter)帐户上发表的言论。签名人呼吁三藩市教育委员会采取必要的行动和调查,以制止对亚裔美国人社区的进一步伤害。

These statements made by Ms. Collins are hurtful to the Asian-American community and further promulgate stereotypes against Asian Americans. 

高励思(Alison Collins)女士的这些言论对亚裔美国人社区造成了伤害,并进一步宣扬了针对亚裔美国人的偏见及刻板印象。 

Vice President Kamala Harris recently stated that “For the last year we’ve had people in positions of incredible power scapegoating Asian-Americans...people with the biggest pulpits, spreading this kind of hate.” With Collins’ clear stance against the Asian-American community, we find it troublesome and greatly disturbing that such a person not only holds office as a School Board Member but currently serves as its Vice-President. We urge other members of the School Board to take action as well and wish to echo the words of Dr. Martin Luther King who once said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” 

副总统祝锦丽(Kamala Harris)最近表示:“去年,一些有着很大权力的人让亚裔美国人当着替罪羊……在一个巨大的讲台上撒布着仇恨的言论。”鉴于高励思(Alison Collins)明确的反亚裔美国人社区的立场,我们认为像她这样的人担任教育委员的委员,还是副主席,不但是一个大麻烦,并令所有人感到不安。我们敦促教育委员会的其他委员也要采取行动,积极回应马丁·路德·金博士(Dr. Martin Luther King)曾经说过的话——“最后,我们将不记得敌人的话,但要记住我们朋友的沉默 。”

On March 19th, in expressing solidarity with the Asian-American community, President Biden said, “Silence is complicity — and we cannot be complicit. We have to speak out. We have to act.”