SFUSD Should Support Youth In Climate Activism

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The issue is that SFUSD is not supporting their youth in Climate Advocacy. This is a letter from SFUSD youth:



This is our earth and we only have one.  If we don’t turn the tide on this climate crisis in the next few years it will become irreversible.  The climate crisis is an issue that disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color, but it also affects the future of every single student. School is very oriented on students’ futures, yet climate change is a HUGE part of our future and yet we are barred from being active against that in school. Students should not be set back in school as a result of fighting for their futures. Students have the right to try and fix this so we can have a better future.


We are asking the SFUSD board to support their students in joining climate activism by:


- Allowing students and teachers to inform others of climate events by making announcements on the loudspeakers and in classes, putting up signs about actions and events, and communicating with parents and families verbally and in writing.


-Teach students about the climate crisis and the role of youth activists, especially brown, black and indigenous youth, in fighting it.


- Inform all administrators, teachers, parents and students that participating in a climate strike is a “justifiable personal reason” for a possible excused absence, as stated in the SFUSD Handbook.


- Permit teachers to follow normal, school-based field trip procedures if they would like to support students in attending as an optional field trip.