San Francisco State Lower Tuition of 2020-2021

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San Francisco State has moved most classes to online for the Fall 2020 Semester. Students understand that this is to prevent the spread of COVID-19, however we are frustrated that the tuition for these classes will remain the same. Most students have lost there jobs and housing due to COVID-19. We do not have the same funds as we did during the regular academic year.

As we have already completed online courses in Spring 2020, we know first hand that this type of online learning is not for everyone. For many students, online learning does not allow them to receive the greatest possible education. Our education matters and we are not getting it in our full experience over a laptop screen. We should not pay thousands of dollars for education over a computer screen. Also not to mention that not everyone have the equal access to internet to attend online classes. Some do not have a designated study space, their own laptop, Wi-Fi, books and resources In addition, an exorbitant amount of our tuition goes towards facilities, many of which we will not even be able to use this fall.

Our money will go to places on campus in which we are not benefiting from, amenities such as the gym, clinic, etc. IF WE ARE NOT USING IT WE SHOULD NOT BE PAYING FOR IT. We demand that tuition for the Fall 2020 Semester be decreased heavily due to the switch to online learning. 

The demand for a decrease in tuition also applies for out of state students, especially since they won't even be in the vicinity of campus to be using any of the facilities/campus resources. Every student should be given a lower tuition.