RECALL Mayor London Breed

RECALL Mayor London Breed

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Started by Paula M

Hello to ALL,

Despite that we voted for her, this petition is to RECALL San Francisco Mayor London Breed. Mayor Breed has completely FAILED and does not know how to effectively run a city. She is responsible for the DEMISE of our beautiful San Francisco!

Mayor Breed's policies are IGNORANT including a SOFT stance on CRIME over the last several years, defunding the police prior to the pandemic, allowing homeless encampments to OVERRUN the city, and having NO PLAN to deal with the drug and mental health EPIDEMIC in San Francisco until it became a state of emergency. She has ALLOWED these problems to spiral OUT OF CONTROL because of a lack of intelligence, insight, experience and judgment. And Mayor Breed's behavior, which includes 3 ETHICS VIOLATIONS, is unacceptable.

San Francisco is in complete CHAOS. As soon as District Attorney Chesa Boudin and Mayor London Breed adopted a SOFT stance on CRIME, they OPENED the FLOODGATES for CRIMINALS. When leaders open the door for criminals, the criminals take over. Any intelligent person recognizes that leaders CANNOT give criminals the opportunities to commit crimes. There must be CONSTANT DETERRENTS (i.e., penalties) to combat crime. That is the reality of the world in which we live.

However, California's Proposition 47 reduced shoplifting charges regarding the theft of $950 or less from felonies to misdemeanors which has ENCOURAGED much more brazen CRIME. Retired Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Randy Sutton said San Francisco LEADERS have created the 'PERFECT STORM' for criminality.

CRIME in SF has NEVER been WORSE. Criminals are violently and aggressively burglarizing homes. Criminals are shooting people or violently shoving guns into the faces of innocent SF residents in the middle of the day and robbing them. Organized smash and grab crimes are forcing retailers to close throughout the city causing SF to LOSE MILLIONS of dollars and LOSE jobs. Nobody wants to do business in San Francisco anymore. Criminals are constantly breaking into cars. The list of crimes is ENDLESS.

Now Mayor Breed's back is against the wall because she and Chesa Boudin created this CRISIS. Again, their IGNORANCE is astounding. And they expect SF residents to rally behind them as they DESPERATELY try to CLEAN UP the CRISIS THEY CREATED.

In addition to insanely poor management of San Francisco, Mayor Breed has been CAUGHT and FINED for not just 1, but 3 different ETHICS VIOLATIONS. There should be a 3-strikes law for ethics violations committed by any public official. Mayor Breed was also caught without a mask while partying indoors at a club in direct violation of her strict indoor mask MANDATE. Her defiant and unapologetic response was an embarrassment.

The following are the 3 ethics violations for which Mayor Breed was CAUGHT:

1. October 23, 2018: Mayor Breed wrote a letter to former Governor Jerry Brown asking him to commute (i.e., reduce) the prison sentence of her older brother, Napoleon Brown. Mayor Breed’s BROTHER was sentenced to 44 years in prison for MANSLAUGHTER. Her brother was in a robbery getaway car and pushed Lenties White out of the car. Mr. White was hit by oncoming traffic and died. The Ethics Commission concluded that Mayor Breed’s actions were a misuse of her office and title. Governor Brown did not commute her brother's sentence, and Mayor Breed was fined.

2. Mayor Breed accepted a gift of $5600 in car repairs from the DISGRACED former head of the San Francisco Public Works Department, Mohammed Nuru. Per his Wikipedia page, Mohammed Nuru was ARRESTED by the FBI in January 2020 under charges of "CORRUPTION, bribery, kickbacks and side deals". Nuru resigned on February 10, 2020. On June 2, 2021, San Francisco Police arrested Nuru and booked him for attempted robbery after allegedly brandishing a knife at the San Francisco Marin food bank.

On February 13, 2020, Mayor Breed wrote on Medium, “Mohamed Nuru and I have been close personal friends for more than 20 years. We dated for a brief time, two decades ago…” In her post, Breed attempted to argue that she was not required by city law to disclose the gifted car repairs because she had a “long-term close personal friendship unrelated to her position” with Mohammed Nuru. The Ethics Commission did NOT agree and concluded that the car repairs were indeed an ethics violation for which they fined Breed.

3. In 2015 while a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Breed was caught and fined for failing to disclose campaign contributions for her re-election. The contributions were not properly recorded in campaign finance disclosures. She was also fined for accepting money over the legal limit.
Lastly, in 2021 we started a petition calling out Mayor Breed to address the HOMELESS (drug and mental health) and CRIME CRISIS plaguing our wonderful city. We obtained nearly 6,000 signatures demanding a plan of action from the mayor. We contacted her office in mid 2021, but she IGNORED us and did NOT even respond let alone provide a plan.

In summary, Mayor Breed has FAILED as mayor. She has been INEFFECTIVE, UNETHICAL, and self-centric. Mayor Breed has ignored her constituency, abused her power, and been closely aligned with criminals. Mayor Breed has behaved like an amateur and as if she were above the law by asking for special treatment, favors and gifts while in office. Her 3 serious ethics violations are insulting and appalling to those of us honest, fair-minded and hard-working SF residents who voted her. Mayor Breed's own brother is a KILLER, and her close personal relationship with CORRUPT former SF Public Works Mohammed Nuru is disgusting. And San Francisco's homeless and CRIME problem has spiraled OUT OF CONTROL while Mayor Breed has been in office due to her IGNORANT policies and lack of abilities.

It’s time for her to GO. Let’s take action now and RECALL her!

NOTE: We have NO political affiliation and welcome people of all gender and sexual orientations, political parties, races, cultures and religions. We need to work together to have the best person possible running our city.

This recall is NOT about race so please DO NOT vote FOR or AGAINST Mayor Breed based on race. It is about her FAILURE as mayor and ETHICS VIOLATIONS.

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124 have signed. Let’s get to 200!