Change at&t cell tower installation near your home

Change at&t cell tower installation near your home

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Teddy Rusli started this petition to San Francisco Planning Commission

This petition calls for at&t to change the cell tower installation location further away from the residential area (Candlestick Point, San Francisco, California).


One community meeting in 2018 and then silence...

In 2018, at&t was planning to install a cell tower on Blanken Way and Executive Park Boulevard, San Francisco. Many residents around the area have expressed opposition through the community meeting and email. It is clear now that it was simply to satisfy a checklist. There was no further reach out until a Dec 10, 2020 public hearing notice. It is mind boggling why another location was not chosen. Our area has other suitable sites where the cell tower can be installed away from residential areas (see map).  

Health Concern:

Anything can become a poison given enough high doses over a long period.  

at&t along with other cell providers will likely cite that there is no proof that cell phone radiation causes cancer.  The fair statement is that it is inconclusive as there isn’t enough data. (see reference - American Cancer Society).

Technology history is full of “oops’ moments. What was once originally thought as a breakthrough and harmless innovation ended up as harmful. Examples:

  • Lead in pipe
  • Lead in paint
  • BPA in plastic bottles for babies
  • Asbestos

The key here is we don’t want to find out when it’s too late. There is a preventative measure that can be taken now. 

Property Values Impact:

  • It is definitely not positive.
  • Neutral at best.
  • Negative most likely.

Cell towers have a similar impact on properties near high voltage power lines. (see reference)

Please help make at&t change their plan by signing this petition. We are hopeful that, with your advocacy, we can push the San Francisco Planning Commission to reject at&t’s application. 


Board of Directors - Candlestick Cove Homeowners Association

San Francisco, CA 94134


Ashley Lindsay

San Francisco Planning Department Staff


Shamann Walton

San Francisco District 10 Supervisor

(415) 554-7670

David Chiu

California Assembly Member District 17

(415) 557-3013

Contact Form:


San Francisco Planning Commission

Public Notice for Project Application

Caltrans PROW-AT&T Mobility Macro WTS Facility (1-91 Executive Park Blvd) 2018-009545CUA

Public Notice Document

at&t Cell Tower Installation Plan Documents

American Cancer Society - Cell Phone Towers Safety

National Association of Realtors  - Cell Phone Towers Impact on Property Values

Mayo Clinic - What is BPA, and what are the concerns about BPA?,and%20resins%20since%20the%201960s.&text=Polycarbonate%20plastics%20are%20often%20used,used%20in%20other%20consumer%20goods


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!