Petition Update

Kilroy ramping up, the next phase is approaching...

Ken Farinsky
San Diego, CA

Oct 24, 2012 — Kilroy's marketing efforts have recently become more active, indicating that we're nearing the next phase of the One Paseo approval process. While the fate of One Paseo is still undecided, the final determination will rest with the San Diego City Council.

The November election will determine our council representative. We have sought out the candidates to gain insight into their decision making process. Their responses reflect increased awareness and support of meaningful community involvement, with some subtle differences. Go to:

to see their responses. We wish there was a more clear-cut distinction. Given that we will eventually have to work with the winner, we have chosen not to endorse a specific candidate, hoping instead that these answers will help you choose.

We will be restarting our efforts soon. Keep working to educate your friends and neighbors about One Paseo!