Change in-class courses to online courses due to the dangers of the COVID-19

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Due to the wide and continuing spread of the dangerous COVID-19 virus and California being the second most infected state with the COVID-19 virus with a number of 164 total cases reported in the United States of America and 45 cases within the state of California alone, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we San Diego State University students see that it is vital for us to take precautions for our health and wellbeing as it is a priority especially at this critical time. We do not see that it is fit to engage in regular classwork activities that could put us potentially at risk of getting infected, given that we are in a crowded campus where the weather nowadays is increasing the fast spread of the virus. Given that we do not want to be held back from our academic work and achievements, we propose that our university officials could kindly take into consideration changing all in class courses to online courses as we are feeling neglected in terms of our health safety as other universities and academic institutions have already made numerous initiatives across the country. According to the New York Times, the University of Washington had been issued a  temporary cancellation to all of the in person classes and substituting them with online classes due to the virus outbreak for 50,000 students, and also Stanford University has announced that classes would not meet in person and that any looming exams will be changed to a take-home format. Countries all around the world are also either delaying school attendance or finding a more flexible approach such as changing the class methods of teaching to online methods. Furthermore, we are feeling emotionally distressed, frightened, anxious and hesitant to leave our homes and attend a compacted environment which for some us, is affecting our academic performance. Please consider this request as the situation has surpassed from being a local virus to a global health hazard that could potentially put our lives at risk.

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