No For-Profit Ferris Wheel in Balboa Park

No For-Profit Ferris Wheel in Balboa Park

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David Lundin started this petition to Balboa Park Committee and

We oppose the installation of a for-profit Ferris Wheel dining place and amusement ride in the great public space of Plaza de Panama in our Balboa Park.

A for-profit Ferris Wheel ["PRADO Expansion Ferris Wheel"] has been proposed to be placed in the central Plaza de Panama of our Park. Costly meals would be served on board by the PRADO restaurant,  or rides could be had for large fees-- $15 + per person.

The proposed footprint of the PRADO Expansion Ferris Wheel is 56' x 75' of the precious Plaza de Panama in the core of our public Park. 4,200 square feet of platform space and additional thousands of square feet for safety zones, security, and utility and emergency access would privatize dedicated parklands . The public would be excluded from the use and enjoyment of thousands of square feet of the Plaza de Panama, a key portion of a designated National Historic Landmark District,  solely for the benefit of a profit-making business. The proposed placement of this for-profit business would interfere with the public's ability to enjoy that space for walking, bike riding and quiet enjoyment and recreation. It would prevent use by very popular Busker performances who have used that precice space for years.

Placement of this massive wheel would interfere with the treasured views along  the historic Prado area, including up to the picturesque California Tower.

We always use the simple litmus test, "What would Kate Sessions and George Marston think ?"

In effect, using the Public's grand square of the Plaza de Panama to generate private revenues to the exclusion of the Public's unrestrained use and enjoyment of the Plaza is similar to a non-profit museum's deassension of its collection to benefit a private, for-profit business.

The Plaza is the Public's asset-- part of the valued Park collection of venues and open space. Monetizing it to benefit a for-profit business while denying the Public's ability to fully enjoy the Plaza is a taking of public property for private profit.

Sessions and Marston would not be pleased. Neither are we, nor are the almost 2,000 signators of this petition.

If there is a perceived demand for such commercial development,  it could be placed on appropriately zoned lands at Seaport Village, or Harbor Island. Such commercial development is inconsistent with the very nature and purpose of our Dedicated Park Lands. 

Proponants of this non-park use of dedicated Park Lands apparently want the use to be rent-free.  At least the proponents have never proposed paying any rents or fees.

We oppose the privatization of any portion of the Park for exclusionary uses for private profit.

That includes this proposal.

Details here:

Balboa Park is our central urban Park, lands set aside for the public's enjoyment, recreation, health and pleasure. It is not to be used for commercial purposes or for private exploitation and profit.

Please join us in rejecting this ill-conceived proposal.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!