Equal Standard for Asians in regards to Standard Testing and College Application

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As the globalization of the world, more and more students from foreign countries come to the United States for higher or better education. While preparing loads of work visas and applications and spending lots of time preparing for standard tests not in their mother language, Asian American now face a widespread inequality - higher standard of SAT and ACT scores. I first heard this sentence on TV from a famous Chinese singer who graduated from Williams College, one of the best music schools in the U.S. He said,"You have to be twice as good in order to compete with others." I hold skepticism towards this statement until I came to the U.S. two years ago and started my high school.

As a Junior, I started to feel the burden and pressure from college explicitly . I've taken the SAT and get a decent score. When my classmates saying that it's good enough and questioning why I'm putting in effort to take it agains, the answer is I have to. I have to in order to be as competitive as them. Here is a chart from Inside Higher ED that map out the clear difference of the score required. 

I know that people might say that the colleges want to make sure that we, the students whose English is not our first language, have the capability to handle the courses. However, I'm putting forward my doubt here that is it reasonable for us to put in months or even years of effort in but are finally told that one of our friend got in but we didn't with a higher SAT score in hand. I'm also casting my doubt upon the fact that there are students who were born in the U.S and grow up in the U.S but facing the same issue just because they are Asians. I believe that Colleges need to adjust the system or to find other evaluations to actually differentiate the students in the sake of impartiality in races. The equality I'm asking for is not only about equal score because I do consider little difference rational. I'm calling on more evaluations to consummate the system. 

San Diego Asian Americans for Equality would be the first I'll appeal to for the experience and resources they hold. Join me by signing this petition and hopefully casting a change to achieve equality of college application in the near future. 

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