To ensure 150 ft setback between 5G towers & homes to protect health & property values...

To ensure 150 ft setback between 5G towers & homes to protect health & property values...

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Holly Manion started this petition to San Diego County Board of Supervisors


Dear San Diego County Board of Supervisors:

1. We are asking for a moratorium because the citizens of San Diego County are unaware that the ordinance you are about to pass on August 7th will allow untested 5G cell towers in front of their homes as early as next week. These 5G cell towers emit radiation that has never been tested for health or safety for plants, animals or humans. We need to wait for the 9th and 10th Circuit Court cases brought by other cities to be decided before cell towers are put in place. The courts could turn back the FCC directive that stripped local control from municipalities in the first place.

2. The FCC directive strips San Diego County of nearly all aspects of local control. This is wrong and we believe San Diego County should fight in court to protect our local rights to decide crucial issues that impact our lives - especially the future well-being of our children.

3. Our homes comprise the greatest portion of our assets. We know that before 5G there was a consensus among most realtors and appraisers that a cell tower in front of a home devalued the home by at least 20%. We are concerned that a 5G cell site in front of a home may render the home unmarketable. 5G is a different animal. In all previous generations of wireless – 2G, 3G, 4G – the telecom industry promised the technology would not cause cancer because it did not heat tissue. They are not saying that with 5G, because 5G does heat tissue. 5G will exceed the safety limits now in place by the FCC because it heats tissue, and thermal protection was the only protection offered by previous FCC “safety standards”. As soon as the public realizes this, no one will want to buy a house with a 5G tower in front of it.

4. The Board of Supervisors must not fail to protect San Diego County citizens. Right now these 5G small cells can be installed with telecom submitting a ministerial permit (just a rubber stamp by the County on a piece of paper with no hearing and no appeal) with no consideration for our opinions, our safety, our health, our property values and our privacy. Our privacy is being lost to 5G with the collection of data at every level of our lives. There are no restrictions on who collects this data and who the second, third and fourth party buyers will be. This mass data collection is a breach of privacy that should demand a moratorium instantly.

5. We want 1000 foot setbacks for the following: schools, daycare centers, churches with daycare centers, all hospitals, “quiet zone” laboratories for RF testing of public safety equipment, and fire stations. We want a minimum of 150 foot setbacks from our homes. We would prefer 500 feet as four other cities in California have done in their ordinances. We find zero setbacks from our homes suggested by County staff completely unacceptable. Our intention is not to defy the FCC directive which states an effective ban in residential areas is prohibited if setbacks create such an effect. However, we choose to protect our real estate values over the telecommunication industry’s convenience and profit, and demand setbacks 2 that protect our residences. We are willing to sit at the table and work with industry to come up with alternate locations for towers.

6. We propose wireless free conservation areas/parks to be set aside by San Diego County to protect wildlife and to protect the migratory path of birds. We are aware the FCC “safety standards” do not protect bees, birds, and animals. Because wildlife is unprotected, and because it is known through thousands of peer reviewed studies that EMFs (wireless radiation) jeopardize the ecosystem as a whole, we would like to create quiet zones without wireless so that animals do not lose their protected habitat. We need to protect certain airways for migratory birds and other wildlife just as the Board of Supervisors has voted to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of land in San Diego County.

7. Require a certificate of completion from each telecommunications applicant. Because the law allows for additional telecommunications equipment to be added to each pole, and because this equipment may be in the form of microphones, cameras, surveillance technology, Homeland Security and other carriers with their own small cells, a certificate of completion tells the County and tells us as homeowners when the job is completed and advises us if additional technology is being added subsequent to the initial installation. All additional equipment should require a separate permit.

8. There has not been a single study done by the FCC, the EPA, or the FDA showing 5G is safe, yet 5G cell antennas are going to spring up outside our children’s bedroom windows. We refuse to be part of a human experiment that benefits the needs of industry and fails to protect our basic human rights. Our profound concern is heightened for the following reasons: 1) We do not trust the federal government to look out for our health and public safety; 2) We do not trust the FCC “safety standards” to be protective because the World Health Organization’s cancer committee, IARC, classified everything on the RF – EMF
spectrum a 2b “possible human” carcinogen at levels below the FCC “safety” standard, putting RF in the same category as DDT and diesel fumes; 3) The FCC has never looked at the non-thermal effects of RF radiation [cancer, Alzheimer’s, neurodegenerative diseases, ADHD, birth defects, infertility, disabling headaches, sleep disruption, vertigo]. The FCC only protects us from the effects of heat which includes shocks, burns, and heatstroke; 4) The chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is the former lead attorney for Verizon and may have a conflict of interest. Therefore, we are looking to our representatives in San Diego County to protect us.

9. Because there are no studies proving that 5G is safe, San Diego County should establish a hotline to take complaints from the more than 500,000 residents who live in the County and additional residents who work and come to the County for medical and recreational reasons. This hotline should be staffed by an individual who has training in radiation sickness, known in Medicare and Medicaid billing as “Exposure to radio frequency, Sequela”. These complaints should be tabulated and conveyed monthly to the California Department of Public Health, the EPA, the FDA, and the FCC.



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