San Diego City Council: Stop Curfew Sweeps in San Diego, California

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Update in the fight against curfew isn't over an we demand change

* San Diego news, analysis and conversation. * Data-drive When Juvenile Crime Happens in San Diego by Keegan Kyle, Voice of San Diego, Friday, April 13, 2012 When defending the heavy focus on curfew sweeps in neighborhoods like City Heights, a tactic we've been exploring lately, proponents often say that most violent crime happens during curfew hours. However, we crunched the numbers and, as the graphs above show, most juvenile crime in San Diego actually happens outside of curfew hours. Contrary to proponents' claims, the number of juvenile arrests have typically peaked around 10 a.m. and the number of juvenile victims of violent crime around 3 p.m. After those peaks, crime has tended to gradually fall until the early morning hours. On San Diego Explained, produced in partnership with NBC 7 San Diego, explains what we now know about the sweeps after months of investigation. Some of the biggest claims about their effectiveness and implementation are questionable or unfounded. SD Explained Curfew Sweeps, In this episode of San Diego Explained, NBC 7 reporter Catherine Garcia and Voice of San Diego reporter Keegan Kyle look into the effectiveness of the program.Source:

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