From Beach to Bin: Dealing with Fishing Line Left at Black's Beach San Diego

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Making Waves! Thank you for your support keep it up

HELLO !!! THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this petition to keep Black’s Beach clean by installing monofilament fishing line recycling bins. Thanks to you we have received OVER 1,000 signatures in LESS THAN ONE WEEK!!!! We are glad to see our community taking action on this easily preventable crisis. Supporters of the proposed policy have reached out to us to learn more about the petition and inquire about possible expansions to neighboring communities within San Diego and throughout California. We would love to keep this momentum going and to do so we are calling upon you guys once again. If each person who has signed this petition shared it with just one friend, we would reach around 3,000 signatures. If each person shared it with two people, we'd be on our way to 5,000 signatures!!! The more supporters we have on this issue, the more likely we are to grasp the attention of city council members who can take action as soon as possible. We have the power to make lasting change at Black’s Beach and create a healthier, cleaner, and happier environment for animals, beachgoers, and Californians everywhere. Once again, thank you for your support and don’t let your friends beach you to it ;) 

Michael Tesis
9 months ago