Improve San Benito High School security

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To improve on the issues of threats going around that contributes to harm of a person may it be bomb or shooting. I want to ensure that San Benito High School (Hollister, CA) improves on the safety of others by upgrading their security systems near fire alarms and potential risks where a dangerous person could enter or exploit to their advantage. 

  • Upgrade security systems and add more to other campuses that lack the necessity 
  • Have all fire alarms monitored through surveillance to cut down false reports of emergencies
  • Make contacting parents more effective in dangerous situations involving the lives of the students and staff.

This needs to be top priority in the school instead of new constructions of buildings due to several incidents arising with the involvement of harmful threats to the occupants of the high school and in addition of pulling fire alarms with no real emergencies. 

If we don't improve the security, were going to be putting the staff and student's lives at risk when a real scenario happens and the school will end up losing money due to families pulling their kids out of school, worried for their safety in a place where it should be a safe environment.