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Ilantad at papanagutin ang mga students na sangkot sa pagkamatay ni Andrei

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School administrators of the San Beda College of Law failed to make their school hazing free. They clearly underestimated the cycle of violence perpetuated by fraternities operating right under their noses. The students have just barely gotten over the death of Marvin Reglos last February, another senseless killing of a law student happened once again in the hands of a so called “brotherhood.”

Marc Andrei Marcos was a freshman in San Beda College who died Monday allegedly after a fraternity initiation. He was brought to the hospital all black and blue, with no vital signs last Sunday. His so-called “brods” kept his condition and his whereabouts a secret to the family. Drei was already in the morgue when the family got to see him. Drei’s uncle Atty Jose Vener Ibarra described his arms and legs as “kulay ube.” Police medico-legal report says Drei suffered severe beating which lead to his death

Fraternities have a culture of secrecy. They cover-up for their brods even when a crime has already been committed. San Beda has clearly failed in disbanding all these fraternities. Even then, they should be accountable for the actions of its students and they shouldn’t let them hide and get away from justice. They should take all the necessary action to make these students submit themselves to the police for criminal investigation. Without witnesses, the case will not go on and justice for Drei will be denied.

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