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Support SA Corridors for future transit options in San Antonio!

This petition had 15 supporters is a vital plan that helps VIA receive federal funds for rapid transit in San Antonio. There has been some push back on the plan recently, which has caused an indefinite delay in its adoption. SANE's advocacy can help change the outcome of the plan and get it adopted!

With this petition, we urge City Council to not hesitate to adopt the plan. Our City
needs to show commitment to social equity, climate change, housing affordability and options, and public health – all of which rapid transit and SA Corridors would help address.

The City Council recently voted 9-1 to join the National Climate Action Agenda in its adoption and support of the Paris Climate Accord Agreement.  If Council is
serious about it then we should move forward with transportation options and promote alternatives to reliance on the auto.

Social equity is tied to access to jobs and other necessary amenities that improve one’s quality of life. Limited means of travel for some lower income residents inhibits their accessibility to opportunities, jobs and choices. In several VIA “Rider Stories” in videos on youtube, transit riders express how they rely on VIA as their only source of transportation and how some days it takes them 2-3 hours one way to get to work. If they miss their bus, they may have to wait hours for the next bus. Some expressed they lost employment over these transit issues. Rapid transit reduces travel times and often reduces costs, and improves lower income households’ access to opportunity for jobs and housing. More reliable, faster transit not only improves rider’s ability to get to work on time, but employers will have more reliable employees, leading to less turnover and less retraining costs.

The recommendations within the SA Corridors plan are important for seeing rapid transit succeed in our City. If the goal of this delay is to change the document recommendations and findings this could seriously hinder the effectiveness of rapid transit for VIA and its users. For the future of our City, social equity, sustainability, and climate change we urge you to not delay the adoption of SA Corridors, as it stands, any further. Adopt SA Corridors!

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