San Antonio ARPA Funding - $212 Million

San Antonio ARPA Funding - $212 Million

February 1, 2022
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Started by Stephen Lucke

Dear San Antonio Foodies,

As 2022 hits full swing, we humbly ask for your support to allocate $3 million with the City of San Antonio’s American Recovery Plan Act Funding. On Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 City Council will be voting to allocate $212 million dollars, in-which nothing related to food security is directly implied. While we truly value the funding areas of Mental Health, Small Business, Youth, Digital Inclusion, Arts, and Seniors, we believe that Food Security, Access, and Production were critical weak points and continue to be during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are advocating for COSA to invest in the bolstering of a local food system that produces a significant amount of seasonal produce and livestock in the region, preparing the city for chronic stressors (pandemics / epidemics) and acute shocks (natural disasters). While San Antonio will always have to import ample food into the area, investing in food production and processing will provide assets for local farmers, stimulate the local economy, facilitate workforce development, improve access to fresh produce, and help restore ecosystem biodiversity. You can assist us in this effort by calling your Councilperson, and signing the petition.

*Mayor Ron Nirenberg - 210.207.7107

*District  1 Mario Bravo - 210.207.7279

*District 2 Jalen McKee-Rodriguez - 210.207.7278

*District 3 Phyllis Viagran - 210.207.7064,

*District 4 Dr. Adriana Rocha-Garcia - 210.207.7281

*District 5 Teri Castillo - 210.207.7043 

*District 6 Melissa Cabello Havrda - 210.207.7065 

*District 7 Ana Sandoval - 210.207.7044 

*District 8 Manny Palaez - 210.207.7086 

*District 9 John Courage - 210.207.7325 

*District 10 Clayton Perry - 210.207.7276 


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Signatures: 269Next Goal: 500
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